Old & New Strike a Beautiful Balance

Designer Spotlight: Josh Hildreth Interiors

Josh Hildreth’s unique design perspective combines a love of design history with a focus on personal touches. It’s a style that he carries out in every project - including his own home. Josh’s background - being born in New York and raised in the Midwest, now living in Washington DC - plays a crucial role in his ability to blend the old and the new to fit contemporary living.

Hildreth is the principal and titular designer at Josh Hildreth Interiors - focusing on high-end residential design. He also runs a success full-serve architecture firm, DMG Interiors, which handles a variety of commercial projects. What we love about Josh is his vision of the role history and antiques play in today’s everyday life. Josh says, “I have a tremendous passion for creating homes that welcome their layers and form a backdrop for life enhancing experiences and memories.”

Josh’s own DC home is rich in history and that history is celebrated through the home. From it’s fabled roots as a favorite stop for Teddy Roosevelt and his horse to the 18th-century armchair that is a family heirloom, you can find a story anywhere you look. This combination of the new and the old provides an important backdrop for families, individuals, couples and everyone who visits a home to make memories of their own. It adds the character and life to a home that help craft a lifetime of connections and experiences.

To bring this delicate and unique approach into a client’s home, Josh spends time getting to know them and how they use their home. Understanding their routines, how they use each space and the problems each space presents helps him designs spaces that are crafted for that client. He’s a firm believer in the balance of old and new, rough and smooth, perfection and imperfection. He uses sources like Dalton Bain to find custom and period pieces that fit that home, that client and that space just right.

“The best reason to come to High Point Market is to visit the Antique and Design Center at Market Square. There’s also the added bonus of popping over to to Greensboro to check out the incredible offerings from The Pink Door and Caroline Faison Antiques. We never fail to find the kind of things that bring soul and life to our clients homes. It's also a great time to interact directly with top, vetted dealers and expand your knowledge around decorative arts.”
- Josh HIldreth

“A great room that will really endure over time needs a mix of the old and new.”
- Josh HIldreth

“The Antiques and Design Center at Market Square is becoming our Clingancourt. It is geared towards the trade and each season it offers a fantastic mix of both the fine and decorative.. If you go be sure to buy fast because you are competing against top tastemakers and dealers lead with their best prices.”
-Josh Hildreth

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