Get Ready for the 2017 Round Top Antique Week

September 25th-30th

By Emma Castleberry

Kim Faison and Ben Cochrane en route to Marburger Farm for their first Round Top, back when the town’s population was just 77!

One of the country’s most popular antique fairs is fast approaching. The Round Top Antique Fair in Texas is scheduled for September 25-30, 2017. This is the 50th anniversary year for the Round Top Antique Fair, which happens twice a year in fall and spring. While the town of Round Top is tiny, with a permanent population of just 90 people, it is in a supremely convenient location, just over an hour’s drive from Houston and Austin and less than 4 hours from Dallas. This places Round Top right in the center of a population of 5 million people, not including the expected influx of antiques enthusiasts from across the country and world.

A peaceful sunset at Round Top—a beautiful place to get away.

As a leading online platform for high-end antique dealers, Dalton Bain will of course be joining several of its dealers at Round Top. Dalton Bain’s dealers will be concentrated in The Continental Tent and Marburger Farm, where some of the fair’s finest and most coveted items will be on display.

Caroline Faison booth at Continental Tent, Spring 2017.

Marburger Farm is the larger of the two shows with over 300 dealers and a diverse range of items for sale. As a result of its size, Marburger is the primary destination for many tourists who travel to the Round Top Antique Show. Artifacts Antiques, a Dalton Bain dealer, will have a booth at Marburger Farm.

The Continental Tent is much smaller, with about 20 dealer booths. These dealers focus specifically on European and English-style antiques. At the Continental Tent, you will find a consolidated market of higher-end, exclusive items. Several Dalton Bain dealers will have booths in the Continental Tent, including Caroline Faison Antiques, Kenny Ball Antiques, Kevin L Perry Antiques, Kim Faison Antiques, Steve Postans Antiques, Regency Redux and Sherwood Antiques.

Steve and Lisa Sherwood, owners of Sherwood Antiques.

We chatted with Steve Sherwood, who co-owns Sherwood Antiques with his wife, Lisa, about their past experiences at the Round Top Antique Fair and what they’re looking forward to this year.

Dalton Bain: What are you hoping to achieve with your presence at the Round Top Antique Fair?

Steve Sherwood: I would like to sell the items we’re bringing. We predominantly deal in 18th and early 19th century continental. So we have a heavy mix of country-French, Italian and Spanish and we throw in the odd piece of English, Swedish, and Dutch. It’s a pretty broad mixture. We’ve been doing this for nearly 10 years. We love this show. It’s one of the best venues in the country right now.

DB: How is this fair different from other antique fairs?

SS: I think the first difference is the size and scale of it. There are fifty or sixty different venues and they cover everything from art and crafts and repurposed goods to vintage and genuine antiques. Whatever decorative-style piece you’re looking for, recent or old, you can find it at Round Top. It’s a place where you can go and match your budget or it’s a place you can go to match your sense of quality. What we love is that it’s not just a regional event. It brings people in from all over the country. Probably 50 percent of our clients are from Texas, but we also meet people from California, New Mexico, Wisconsin—all over the country. International, too—every show, we meet a handful of folks that come up from South America and Mexico.

DB: How do you expect this year to be different from past years?

SS: It’s curious. We aren’t sure what exactly is going to happen. With the recent events from Harvey, our expectation is that a lot of our customers… Well, I don’t know the condition of their houses or lives. We don’t have a high expectation for sales but we feel that, for the long-term benefit of the community, the show and us, it’s important to support and attend Round Top.

DB: What would be your number one piece of insider advice for someone attending Round Top?

SS: If it was my first time there, I’d want to get the lay of the land, unless I had specific objectives. If I had specific objectives, I’d want to do my homework before I came. You could go to several venues and never find what you’re looking for. They might be a mile away in a different tent, a different barn, a different field. If you know what you like and what you’re looking for, with a little research, you can find it. With this fair, it takes a day or two to start to get your arms around it.

DB: Why is the Continental Tent an important part of the fair? What sets it apart?

SS: It’s air conditioned. When you’re in Texas this time of year, the temperature could be delightful or very hot and sticky. If you’ve spent a day or two shopping, the air-conditioned tent is a welcome relief.

DB: Can you tell me about one piece of inventory that you're bringing to Round Top and why you are excited about it?

SS: We’ve got an Italian, 18th century serpentine commode. Probably from 1780 or 1790. It’s absolutely beautiful. The condition is excellent. It’s made of rosewood and has inlays on the top and sides that are a star and circle, which is very appropriate for Texas. It’s got beautiful color; the patina is fabulous. The sides are serpentine as well as the front. It’s a very difficult thing to make and it’s just fantastic execution of a beautiful design.

An 18th century, Italian commode that Sherwood Antiques will bring to this year’s Round Top.

Dalton Bain is giving away five free tickets to both the Marburger and Continental Shows at this year’s Round Top Antique Fair! To enter the giveaway, follow @DaltonBainMarket on Instagram. We will be sharing shopping tips and special information about Round Top on our account. Share your favorite post and tag us @DaltonBainMarket to be entered to win the free tickets!

Kay O’Toole sits beneath a lit-up tree in Round Top with her significant other, Glenn.