Antique & Design Center at High Point Market

April 12th-18th

Browse any interior design blog or designer’s Instagram these days and you’ll quickly see how integral the combination of new and old is in today’s well-designed home.

That’s why the Antique and Design Center at High Point Market has become one of the highlights of the market. This is where designers and buyers alike go to find exquisite antiques, unique fine art pieces and one-of-a-kind treasures.

This intersection of the old and the new, of traditional and modern is exactly where Dalton Bain was born. Our commitment to bringing the trust and relationships you feel with your local antique dealers to our online platform is rivaled only by our desire to make buying and selling antiques online more accessible.

Dalton Bain will be showcasing amazing inventory from dealers including Caroline Faison, Kofski Antiques, Kenny Ball Antiques & More.

The partnership between Dalton Bain and the Antique Design Center was a natural one. At the spring market this year, Dalton Bain will be showcasing a selection of inventory from a variety of dealers that is sure to turn heads but perhaps more importantly, it will be introducing dealers to customers from across the country - a feat that can be all too difficult to the traditional dealer.

“High Point Market is the premiere event for designers and buyers and Dalton Bain is right at home in this expertly curated group of dealers, makers and artists,” said Ben Cochrane, owner and founder at Dalton Bain. “The Antique and Design Center adds character and originality to market, and we’re excited to have our dealers in the mix.”

For those shoppers who fall in love with the inventory of a certain dealer or multiple dealers, they’ll have the convenience of easily shopping their inventory online and communicating directly and easily with them via Dalton Bain.

Visit the Antique and Design Center on the Ground level of historic ​Market Square​, just beyond Starbucks in the Salon and Suites and explore Dalton Bain’s dealers in our booth in the Antique and Design Center.