5 Questions to Ask When Buy Antiques Online

Buying antiques online has so many advantages, including being able to shop from the finest dealers around the country.

Keep these 5 questions in mind when buying antiques online.

1. Do I know the dealer I am buying from? Do I trust their reputation? And do they represent their products well and stand behind them once delivered?

2. Is the item reasonably priced for what it is? There are many outlets to purchase items online. Am I getting the same price that I would if I had contacted the dealer directly? Or does the platform mark up my items by 20-35%?

3. Does the online platform I am purchasing from stand behind their dealers and products? Do they have a return policy if I am unhappy with my purchase?

4. Can I interact directly with the dealer I am purchasing from? Dealers have background/ provenance or more information on the items for sale, can I call them/ email them?

5. How fast will my items be delivered? What are the shipping costs and lead times?